Much fuss in certain quarters

Much fuss in certain quarters online (i.e. blogs) about the proposed introduction of ID cards in the UK. Stand makes a stand about it here, the BBC profiles the issue here and the government has its say and has a public consultation here.
I’ve rambled on in a couple of places about my opinion on the subject. For those that have missed it, here it is again:

I really think the ID card thing is a big fuss about nothing by both camps, pro and anti.
The anti camp think they will have their liberties infringed. Crap. Tesco know more about you already than HMG ever will.
The pro camp think it will solve all problems related to crime and immigration. Pants. If I can buy a forged passport, drivers licence or credit card, then you can bet that it will only be a matter of days after ID cards are issued that I can get a whole fake ID.
On the plus side, a single reference number will save me having to have a note of different numbers for national insurance, driving licence, passport, NHS, library, rail pass and god knows what else.
On the negative side, it will keep yet another bunch of Blair’s cronies in jobs at my expense. And the expense will be huge, paid out of our taxes, and not spent on something useful like schools, hospitals or vasectomies for parents of loud children at photo exhibitions.

Rant! Rave!

More opinions on subjects that I’m not really qualified to talk about later, as you have come to expect.