I think I mentioned that

I think I mentioned that I had a bit of a spree on CDs whilst I was in Santa Barbara. One of the treasures that I picked up was Neotropic‘s La Prochaine Fois (which translates as The Next Time), a beautiful slice of ambient electronica that comes accompanied with a matching film of the same name, subtitled "An Ambient Road Movie". Both album and film are excellent, and I think I’ll be hunting down some of her other work. The music is gently soothing, giving a feeling of gentle motion in a control-less, floaty but very pleasant way, and the film is captivating, in a 50s-style grainy home movie fashion.
Staying with music, I was chuffed to receive a CD for review and possible inclusion on radio grayblog from Canadian outfit Kush. The Temptation Sessions: Radio Edits looks like it should provide some material for radio grayblog. Etric Lyons of Kush has sent me a bio, but lamentably I’ve left it in the office and won’t be able to get to it until Monday, but it will be at least then that I get a chance to put any of it online. I’ll keep you posted.
I also have to add new music from our very own Tom A to radio grayblog, and I haven’t forgotten that Charlie promised me some of her recorded vocal beauty. All coming soon folks.
I think it would be very cool if radio grayblog had a fair chunk of new and generally-unavailable music. A good thing indeed.