Ridiculously tired this morning, compounded

Ridiculously tired this morning, compounded by the fact that the ultra-strong Javan I made at 2.30 this morning for me and Julie kicked in at around 6am, precluding much more in the way of profitable sleep. So I got up a little after 8, floated in the bath for a while, then went to the bank. Now I’m sitting here, looking at my monitor, and thinking “I really should do some work on The Project”, when all I really want to do is sleep. And then there is the small matter of the washing up mountain, looking at me beadily from the table and kitchen.
Anyway, as you will no doubt realise if you’ve read the comments two posts down, last night’s dinner with Fi and Julie was a roaring success, not least because the three of us got roaringly drunk. Again. Apologies to neighbours for any late night loudness that may have occured (memory a bit patchy). On the plus side, we plan to make these little threesome dinners a regular event, which, I must say, is an utterly splendid thing.