IDS should cut out the

IDS should cut out the hyena impressions and generally do nothing if he wants to keep the leadership, according to Nick Assinder of the BBC. I’m also interested that the Chief Whip, David Maclean, has intervened to support IDS in an article in today’s Telegraph, and not the leopard-skin-booted Theresa May. Hmmm.
In a rare moment of lucidity, the Chingford Skinhead himself, Lord Tebbit, stated in a BBC News interview that the problem with opposition leaders is that they are always on trial until they win the election. That is true, but the volume and consistency of the criticisms of IDS must lead him to question whether he has the true support of anyone outside his cabinet (or even all of those within it). And, as is currently being shown by the PM, without that united support, you can seem weak, even if you are strong in your own convictions.