Well, I can’t finish fiddling

Well, I can’t finish fiddling the figures on my financial forecast tonight, because I need a few facts that I have yet to find out. So I think I might take a night off and head to the bar.
I took a little detour on my way home and had a look around the outside of the building where the office is that I’m going to look at tomorrow. It isn’t going to win awards for offering a fabulous view – behind are industrial units, and in front is a car park with the new MacDonalds and cinema beyond. At the end of the building, two large chiller units are stood, each with a diesel engine driving the compressor that keeps it cool. So an office at that end of the building is a definite no-no as the droning hum could drive me mad. On the plus side, there is parking right in front, it is only a short walk from the city centre (five minutes at most) and a peek through the windows suggests that the offices are pretty well appointed, perhaps even recently refurbished. Not sure about the baguette vending machine though.