Just what I need after

Just what I need after a day like today – a list of trains on the information screen at Barnham that is marked with the words “delayed” and “cancelled”. A broken down train and power supply problem at Aldrington apparently. At least there is a member of staff on the platform to help people, although there is little he can say or do in the face of 75 minute delays. It’s something that would have only rarely been seen back in the days of Connex (a member of staff that is – the delays were commonplace).
You can tell I’ve been standing around for ages, as I’ve had time to key this post in using Wapblogger! And joy! An extra train is being sent from Littlehampton to rescue the stranded.
EDIT: gave up in the end. Went back to the nursery, got the car, and arrived in Chichester just in time to see the train arrive. guh.