Well, even before a shot

Well, even before a shot has been fired, it looks like the Fog Of War is already descending, and getting accurate news (or, at least the best approximation for that) gets harder. At lunchtime, the BBC reported that US-led forces had moved into the UN-declared DMZ, a report that was pretty quickly contradicted by the US command. Now, Sky News is reporting thay Iraqi deputy PM Tariq Aziz may have defected to Kurdish-controlled northern Iraq, something that none of the other news sources I’ve checked are reporting.
Having said that, the fact that I can sit at my desk and access news sources from all around the world is a marked change on just about every previous major conflict. And with al-Jazeera launching an English language web presence by the end of this month (if not before), the sources just get more numerous and varied, which is a good thing.
I think I may spend this evening getting my news sources list updated, as promised. But the existing one can be found here.
UPDATE: Reuters: US rubbishes Aziz story.