I’ve been slack. I’ve not

I’ve been slack. I’ve not fulfilled my blogging duty to link to other bloggers in a the-world-consists-only-of-blogging-and-nothing-else-matters kinda way. So, in order to make up at least a little bit, here is a small selection of recent posts that I’ve enjoyed/endured at other people’s weblogs:

  • Luke tells us of his fear of spandex
  • Darren points out that the best-known Baghdad-based blog has not been updated since Friday
  • Steve goes gardening, and sets up a sublog to record it
  • Vaughan discovers purple washing-up liquid
  • Dave gets excited about double glazing contract management software
  • Robyn reveals the cover artwork for the new Harry Potter novel
  • Scary tells a shagging dog story

I note that this site will probably receive its 100,000th visit sometime around next weekend. Wow!