We haven’t had any pictures

We haven’t had any pictures for a while, so here are a few for you.
Firstly, you may remember that I went to Kew Gardens a few weeks ago with my friend Rachel. Here she is, stood on a gantry on the walkway around the roof of the Temperate House, fiddling with her camera.
Rachel at Kew

Last Sunday, the sky was very blue indeed. So much so that I took a photo of it.
Granted, not the most exciting photo I’ve ever taken, but it was really blue! Not sure where that piece of fluff came from though. Unless it wasn’t fluff, but a very small plane doing aerobatics.

I’ve noticed recently that the council have numbered all the trees along the side of the road and in the parks. Presumably it is easier for them to keep records of the trees this way, as it must be easier to find tree number 00412 than send someone looking for the maple near the top of the steps by the junction of Orchard Street, Chapel Street and North Walls.
number 00412

I noticed that if you stand at the bottom of the steps that lead up on to the wall by the junction of North Walls and Tower Street, you can’t see anything at the top except sky. For some reason this amused me.
steps to nowhere