After yesterday’s cleaning marathon, when

After yesterday’s cleaning marathon, when I shipped out three full car loads of stuff (one and a half to the tip, nearly all of which went into recycling – I’m proud of that; one to the British Heart Foundation shop; the rest to the nursery – which was old boxes that will be re-used and some files and things which will be used by PFE), I’m now working on the next phase of actually decorating. I’ve just removed some crappy shelving, ripped out all the rawl plugs and filled the holes. I’ve also pulled away some loose woodchip, though most of it will be staying, as I’m certain the wall behind it is in a pretty grotty state. Now I’m going to wash it down with sugar soap, allow it to dry over lunch and then paint the walls and ceiling this afternoon. The skirting and door frame will have to wait until the walls and ceiling have dried.