News update:We’ve managed to recruit

News update:

  • We’ve managed to recruit someone for the nursery. Yay! Perhaps now some work will get done.
  • I’m still pooped. Should have gone to bed earlier last night, but I stayed up for all the best reasons.
  • Tried to get more paint and things for the decorating. I needed four items, and Homebase didn’t have any of them in stock. How useless is that?
  • It’s lovely and sunny again, although rain is forecast – both of which are good things.
  • I have a goose’s egg for my breakfast tomorrow.
  • It’s St George’s Day, and it’s good to see so many red crosses on display. I understand that there is a movement to get St George’s Day put on a level footing with St Patrick’s Day. I’m happy to help this campaign by drinking some local beer this evening – I’ve got a few in my store at home.