This is the first moment

This is the first moment I’ve had for sitting at the PC – I’ve been rushing around all day, including a trip to Somerset and back to deliver a couple of orders.
It’s really lovely down there, around the Frome and Wincanton area. Although Frome itself seems a little grubby at first glance, and Wincanton is dominated by the A303 and a ghastly Safeway store. But the villages and hills are lovely – the perfect sort of place if you like rolling English countryside where everything is verdant, not a lot happens and the lanes are crammed with idiots towing caravans.
I’ve thought before that it might be nice to have a holiday in those parts, but not the caravan variety. Maybe rent a little cottage and do some walking. And check out the local pubs, of course. Hmm. Might yet do that. And it’s not impossible to get there by train from here either.