An update in bullet points:Yesterday’s

An update in bullet points:

  • Yesterday’s plant sales at Savill Gardens were ultimately very successful – one of the best ones we’ve had there for a while, which would have been even better if it hadn’t been quite so chilly in the afternoon.
  • Went to Sarah and Paul’s party last night, which was most pleasant. In evidence: Kev, Andrea, Kate, Pol, Jo, Dave, Damian and a bunch of Paul’s friends that I hadn’t met before. Just about everyone was already paralytic by the time I arrived, but being tired I was able to catch up fairly quickly with just a couple of beers!
  • Up early this morning to walk down the canal to Hunston, passing assorted fishermen and dog walkers, plus coots, moorhens, mallards and swans, all with chicks/ducklings/cygnets. Lots of flowers down there at the moment – irises, hawthorn, buttercups, cow parsley, herb robert.
  • Looked for the falcons on the Cathedral. Apparently they are there, and have just hatched two chicks. But I still haven’t seen them flying – last year they were constantly on the wing, gathering prey for the young.
  • Now busy ordering equipment for PFE and then starting work on the website.