I’m absolutely shattered. Yesterday was

I’m absolutely shattered. Yesterday was a very long day in the teeth of a cold wind and the occasional shower. In spite of that, it was reasonably successful, not least due to the hard work that I put in along with the people at Pashley in promoting the event.
Today I have a shedload of paperwork to do, plus a meeting this afternoon that I’d rather not go to, it being with a client who is somewhat pennypinching and time consuming – a bad combination. But hopefully I can extract some useful work out of him for the nursery.
On the plus side, I’ve just had a call from Pashley to say that they’ve made an error with my fee, and I’m due an additional £37. It’s good to work with people who are so helpful and honest.
They also have a new puppy at Pashley. I’m not a dog person generally, but this chocolate labrador is utterly gorgeous.