I have a sore throat

I have a sore throat and a temperature. On a hot and very humid day, this is not good.
I also have a customer who has ambitious plans and ideas, but expects to pay only peanuts to achieve them. I just warned him that he runs the risk of producing something that "will look crap", but I honestly don’t think that being blunt with the man will make any difference to the end result. We have previously supplied a large number of plants to him, a considerable number of which died because the site was not properly prepared and the soil conditions were awful (the result of heavy machinery having been operated repeatedly over a small area).
I hate getting involved in these sorts of projects, as I always feel that whatever we (the nursery) are involved in reflects on us – and unless it is good, it gives a less than good impression, no matter how good the advice, products and services are that we’ve provided. Such are the hazards of dealing with customers, I guess, particularly those who prefer to cut corners rather than do the job properly.