There is currently a British

There is currently a British based blog that is being heavily promoted by its author. I don’t have too much of a problem with that, except that this rather foolish and short-sighted person is promoting it by spamming the UKBloggers mailing lists and the comments areas of various UKBloggers. He’s recently left a comment over at notsosoft, which I expect Meg will have deleted by the time you get there (it’s in the Haywards Heath post).
This person (who I will neither name nor link to) has not yet learnt that if you want to get linky luurve from other bloggers, you need to earn it by writing well and possibly offering a few choice links yourself. And not just links to any old soul, but links to good sites that you actually like reading. If you insist on spamming, all you will do is get people’s backs up.
And if this person shows his face here, I’ll simply delete the comment and block the IP.
Oh, and incidentally, the site itself is crap in my opinion. To consider Death Row to be "funny" is just plain odd.