Right: let’s deal with all

Right: let’s deal with all the questions you want answered:

  • What did you cook for Charlie and Peeet, Graybo?
  • Lime and chilli trout fillets. Strikingly simply and very tasty, using a Waitrose recipe. Served with new potatoes, and chocolate mousse for dessert. And, of course, much wine was consumed, with lots of conversation and Jenga.
  • What did you buy in Brighton?
  • Stupidly, not the one thing I really needed – a new shower curtain. The one I bought recently isn’t quite long enough, so water trickles down the side of the bath and onto the floor. So I need a slightly longer one, which I was going to get in Habitat, but forgot. So I’ll look in A&N later. But what I did buy was some cheese at the food fair by the Pavilion, some shoes and five CDs, as well as a beer in a pub and some bread and olives to go with the cheese for a late lunch at Kate’s new flat.
  • What CDs did you buy?
  • Susumu Yokota – The Boy and The Tree
  • Susumu Yokota – Sakura
  • Appliance – Six Modular Pieces
  • Animals That Swim – The Moon And The Mothership
  • Amon Tobin – Bricolage
  • Any amusing anecdotes or observations for us, Graybo?
  • Not many. Has to be said that Brighton has a real attitude, and I’m not sure it is entirely good. Yes, it is an amazingly interesting and exciting and vibrant place, which I love visiting and walking around, with a real cosmopolitan and slightly continental flavour. But it also has a strident arrogance that is all-pervasive – there are people there who firmly believe that they are cool just by being in the city, and have a real "look at me" mentality. If you’re not cool, there must be something wrong with you. Unless you’re being deliberately retro or something. That whole attitude strikes me as a little unhealthy, and is one of (several) reasons why I love Brighton, but wouldn’t want to live there.
  • What are your plans for today?
  • In spite of it being Fathers’ Day, I won’t be seeing Dad today. I do need to go and buy him a gift, so I suspect a trip to the off-licence is in order. I also need to buy a shower curtain, as I’ve already discussed. And I need to go to Waitrose for some provisions. Other than that, I may take the laptop down to Priory Park, as I need to do some work, but it is much too fine today to stay inside.