Taurus Even though you are


Even though you are far from idle, it’s easy to waste time today. No real purpose provides an organizing framework for your morning, afternoon and evening, and you aren’t motivated enough to seize control. Consequently, you may putter around the house without accomplishing much of anything, justify long hours of inactivity as a well-deserved break or head off on a shopping trip and come home with far more purchases that you should. Well, you may be right: You can pick up the slack tomorrow.

What utter bollocks. I’ve never worked so hard in my life as today. The Garden Event has been really successful so far – visitor numbers up by around a third, 83 stallholders to keep happy, blocked drains, leaking pipes, overflowing bins, an injured pensioner and a collapsed radio network – all par for the course for an event organiser. But it seems to have worked overall, and the visitor numbers are fantastic – the best ever.
Hopefully, tomorrow will be even better – come along if you can.
Oh, and I’m a bit sunburnt.
Alison, who is in charge of marketing for West Dean, took some pictures with a digital camera of the event (I forgot to grab the one from the nursery). She’s promised to burn them onto a CD for me, so I may put one up here so you guys can see what it’s like.
The main thing I’ve realised though is that the event has now got just about as big as I can cope with on my own. I simply can not be everywhere doing everything to the high standard I strive for. So next year I’m going to try and rope in an assistant. I just need to find one that will get out of bed at 5am, preferably without too much cajoling or complaining. Volunteer?