Bloggers go to Parliament. The

Bloggers go to Parliament. The closing comments in this article about established weblogs closing down amused me. That’s been going on since the dawn of weblogs – even now, one or two prominent sites are on extended hiatus (e.g. Meg – I spoke with her the other day, and she is fine and well and very happy, in case you were wondering) and several popular sites of all descriptions have disappeared in recent months. But, at the same time, even more interesting and top quality new sites have sprung up or come to the fore. I would say that the creation of good new sites far exceeeds the rate at which good established ones are disappearing.
Anyway, it sounds like the meeting was interesting, although it may have been a bit of a geekfest. I’ll see if others have more to say (particularly those that attended) and maybe post a link or two here.
UPDATE: linkage…

  • Tom gets annoyed with people who dismiss the event out of hand
  • Amusingly, Darren tells us that Andrew Orlowski sucks wet farts out of dead pigeons, before going on to give a good handful of links to stuff about the meeting
  • Gert says "I suspect that in ten years, if all MPs have blogs, so will five or ten million of the UK population. Blogs will no longer be a phenomenon, but just another way to communicate." In my view, they are becoming less phenomenal by the day, and that’s no bad thing.