Two elements to this evening.

Two elements to this evening. Firstly, David came over to measure the place up in preparation for my planning application for new windows (how long have I been saying I’m going to do this? At last, some progress!). Unfortunately, we quickly discovered a problem in that the windows I planned to buy do not fit the holes that the existing ones will leave behind, by a considerable margin. It’s not insurmountable – Frannie and I will just have to have windows made, unless I can find another company that offer timber-framed sash windows that are closer to the correct dimensions. However, either way, it is going to add considerably to the cost, which was pretty horrendous to start with.
Secondly, I’ve been tidying the flat. It is much tidier now. All I have left to do is to hoover the floor, do a small amount of washing up and change the bedsheets, all of which I’ll do tomorrow afternoon.
In the course of tidying up, I’ve discovered that I have a shockingly large number of clothes, many of which I don’t wear any more. Can I really justify possessing 15 sweaters, for example? Especially when six of them are black.