More California recall vote links

More California recall vote links (yes, I’m fascinated by this story – it’s interesting to compare and contrast with UK and EU politics):

  • San Francisco Chronicle – watch the straw poll on their homepage
  • San Diego Union-Tribune
  • USA Today
  • New York Times, with extended coverage
  • Washington Post, also with extended coverage, including this article by David S Broder that claims that American democracy "will get a black eye". Not sure I agree with that. Certainly, the fact that the Californian system permits a recall vote, giving the opportunity to remove a failing incumbent, is more advanced than the British system, where only a breakdown in loyalty within the ruling party can provide that opportunity, and even then rarely leads to a change in the governing party.

Last week, I visited the State Capitol building in Sacramento, and viewed both chambers from their viewing galleries. It is hard to imagine that that peaceful and dignified building could be the scene for the level of intrigue that is currently taking place.