This weekend, I must:go for

This weekend, I must:

  • go for dinner with some friends this evening, which will include being with someone that a couple of my friends are trying to match me up with, but in whom I have no interest whatsoever
  • do some laundry, tidy the flat and various other mundane chores
  • try to finish building and launching PFE’s website
  • get some films processed
  • try to organise lunch with Sarah if she is around
  • go on a date on Sunday evening with someone that interests me sufficiently that I want to go on the date, but has a couple of attributes that make me think that it might be better if I didn’t (watch out for me either saying on Monday that I should have known better, or floating on cloud 9 in that way I have)
  • get some beers in with the usual suspects
  • extend the weekend by going to London on Monday to spend the day with my cousin, Gemma, and do a couple of art-related activities before filling ourselves with good food and red wine
  • book my flights to the US for early October and send replies to the invitations.

A pretty full weekend, it seems.