OK kiddies. A few people

OK kiddies. A few people have been muttering about a lack of interactivity here lately. Furthermore, the current header graphic has been almost universally unpopular. There’s no pleasing some people. Or is there?…
Yes, folks, it’s time for a poll! Woo! Yay! To celebrate this site’s third birthday on Tuesday, I’m going to let you vote on a choice of candidate header graphics that I’ve spent the morning designing when I should have been doing work. In true Scaryduck style, I expect that I’ll ignore your vote and choose the one I like best. But that’s not the point.
Here are the candidates:
Capitol Balustrade
Capitol Balustrade. Looking through the balustrade around the State Capitol in Sacramento, as a couple of people look back at me.

Capitol Ceiling
Capitol Ceiling. Looking up at the ceiling of the dome of the same building in Sacramento.

City Caf&eacute
City Café. In Sacramento again.

Palm House Door
Palm House Door. The southern end of the Palm House at Kew.

Railings. On top of the city walls, very near my flat.

Warning. A sign on a wall near my flat.

So, six choices. And you decide. Or something.
Votes in by 5pm Friday 19th September. The new graphic will be in place next weekend.
Go on! Vote…!