Hels and I are on a mission – to get as many people as possible to go to her local Indian restaurant, the Kirthon, in The Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells. We’ve been there twice now, and had the best Indian food we have ever eaten – incredibly tender meat in the creamiest and most flavoursome sauces you could imagine. The sauces are laden with herbs and spices, but are not hot for heat’s sake, so you can actually taste the flavours and not run screaming for the nearest fire extinguisher.
The service is excellent, and there is a huge plasma screen at one end of the restaurant which is always showing a Bollywood film (or the S Club 7 video, depending on their mood!). Their prices are very fair too, and they also offer a takeaway service.
The only problem with the Kirthon is that it just does not seem to be busy enough to be a sustainable business. So we are on a mission to get more people to go there, as it would be almost criminal if ever it was to close for lack of trade. We’ll certainly be regular customers.

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  1. I couldn’t disagree more strongly – we’ve eaten there several times now, and have never had a meal that was too salty. On the contrary – the seasoning is just right, and the foods are tasty and not just hot for hotness sake as you find in so many curry houses.
    Maybe you just had a duff meal? Have you eaten there more than once?

  2. I totally agree the food was amazing; I have eaten at nearly all the Indians in Tunbridge Wells and have to say this is the best of the lot. Amazing. Must try for everyone.

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