It would be really useful if the National Rail timetable lookup service included a feature that allowed you to find the station nearest to a village or town (or, perhaps, postcode). For example, I need to get to Tenterden in Kent which has no railway station other than one served by the Kent and East Sussex Railway, a steam heritage railway with no connection to mainline services. Entering Tenterden into the search function on the National Rail site produces no result, which leads to a guessing game in trying to work out what station is nearest. As it turns out, the closest station is Headcorn, a fact that I only worked out by scouring the history pages of the KESR site and discovering where the old line used to connect to the main network.

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  1. I asked National Rail if they would consider adding the sort of facility that would help me find that information at their website.

    They tell me that if I go to their homepage, then go to the site map, I can download a clunky PDF file that would help. Somehow this seems less than ideal.

    Thanks for the tip M.

  2. I don’t know whether or not you know this, but if you insert a postcode into it has a nearest train station feature under the map. But yes, I agree that this would be a more than useful feature for National Rail to include on their own site.

  3. I could have told you it was Headcorn. I nearly went to Tenterden once.

    But I didn’t.

    (I have a friend who lived there)

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