Copenhagen photographs

A few photographs from our trip to Copenhagen:

under a bridge
This is the view under the Knippelsbro. It just looked fantastically atmospheric that morning. In a way, all that was needed was an old Rover P5 and John Thaw, and you’d have had a scene from any one of a dozen episodes of The Sweeney. Except it would be in Denmark, obviously.

My beautiful fiancée, leaning against a pillar whilst I faff around taking silly pictures of nothing in particular under a bridge.

beautifully designed building
Very close to the Knippelsbro was this building, the Asiatisk Plads. I don’t think it was anything special, simply some offices, but to me it was supremely beautiful – the simplicity of form and design, the linear grace, even the little details of the security lighting on the outside. I’m not sure that Hels agreed with me entirely on this, but I thought it was great. We saw a whole lot of extremely well-designed buildings in Copenhagen – not fancy or gimmicky, just stylish and smart. Also, there generally wasn’t a lot of graffiti or flyposting around on the buildings to spoil the look.

Hels stirring a cup of glögg when we were in Malmö. This drink will always be in our memories of this trip, and we plan to serve it at our wedding.

Malmö – not so very different in general appearance from Copenhagen, though clearly without that capital city oomph. A view of the buildings in Drottninggatan.

Many towns and cities have a typical look for their local buildings – the more traditional ones at least. Chichester is famous for its Georgian doors – there is even a book on the subject. In Copenhagen, the norm is red brick, but there are also a large number of buildings that are rendered or painted in this lovely warm mustard yellow colour. This one was on Nyhavn.

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  1. Admit it, that last photo had nothing to do with the colours of the wall, you took a photo of a window just to please me.

  2. “whilst I faff around taking silly pictures”
    This may well be my favorite line of the day.
    Being form the U.S. i can’t say as I have ever
    heard the word flaff used but I must try and work
    it into every day use now. I’m off to flaff something.

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