Can anyone help?

Some time ago, my father chose to purchase a ShopVac Classic 30 vacuum cleaner for the office. The company that supplied it no longer do so, and do not supply bags or filters. None of the regular outlets stock them. I’ve found a source for the bags online (, but they don’t do the filters.
I figure that we can’t be the only people in the country with this model of cleaner. So, if you have one, or know someone who does, do you know where to get bags and filters?

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  1. This isn’t much use unless you’re really desperate but there’s a shop on Elm Grove in Brighton that once bailed me out when I was looking for bags for a v v old (1950’s) hoover.

    It’s on the right as you go up the road sorry I can’t remember the name or No.

  2. Just checking, but you’ve tried, right? And then there’s

    I have the same problem with my vacuum cleaner.

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