Spam, spam, spam and spam

OK, I’m officially fed up with comments spam. Today there have been seven new spam messages posted, all advertising drugs to aid sexual dysfunction.
Anyone know of a good spam-blocking measure for MT? Blocking IPs is akin to shutting the door after the horse has bolted.

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  1. Jay Allen’s free MT plugin MT-Blacklist at is working well for me, although I’ve today suffered a sustained attack from a single IP address pushing 7 different URLs. I’ve had to resort to banning the IP address. I think the spammer hijacked some poor person’s identity.

    It works by banning specific URLs, and there’s a frequently updated list of offenders which you can copy and paste into the Spam URL template you’ll have made in MT.

    It also should mean that you can deleat any offending comments really easily via the e-mail notification of the comment, but this doesn’t work for me because when I imported from blogger my post numbers got a bit screwed.

    Another tip, from Yoz Graham’s site, is to avoid having a pop-up comment box and have comments going on the end of the individual entry. I wanted to change that about my blog anyway… I don’t know how effective it is. But with MT-Blacklist you can look at your Activity Log and see all the slime that’s been bounced, which is pleasing.

    (PS I owe you an apology about the package… there’s a long and boring excuse which it’s far too late to go into… I’ve still got it here and am adding to it, so let me know next time you make a mailing)

  2. I can’t quite work out why . . . but I’ve never suffered any kind of comments spam whatsoever. (Famous last words). Maybe it’s a popularity thing (sniff, sigh, etc). I rejoice, therefore, in how little-known I am.

  3. I already do it the way Yoz suggests and I still get the spam, so not sure about that one.

    I imagine that they track blogs via or similar so removal from that list might be the answer…

  4. you might have tracking cookies,spyware or trojans in your machine! get ad-aware 6.0 and spybot S&D install and run them both to rid your system of these pesky blighters!

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