3 Replies to “Brighton”

  1. Actually, it is slightly odd for me to be defending football. I’ve never been a huge fan, merely a follower of Brighton and Hove Albion. I can’t get passionate about the game. I’d struggle to explain the offside rule.
    In spite of that, I do recognise its importance (especially in the lower leagues), and I think it is worth defending.

  2. OK, I’ll rethink my comments – there is obviously an impact at lower levels but I think most people (those not passionate about football at any level) have a problem with the bad management of these clubs.

    Most of the time the debt is created by bad management, not by circumstance so it’s very difficult to feel sorry for the people who created it, however I DO have sympathy for the ‘lower minions’ who will lose their job and livelihood, but no more so because they are a football club.

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