I feel a rant coming on. But I can’t decide what winds me up most. So post some comments on any or all of the following topics, and if my rant juices are still flowing at the end of the day, I’ll let rip.

Meanwhile, and risking accusations of being a BBC addict (or victim, if you prefer), may I suggest that you take a break and listen to Jonathan Marcus’s documentary series Age of Empire.

2 Replies to “Rant”

  1. No 3 (sour-faced old bitch with no concept of ‘appropriate taste’, obviously), No 5 (why can’t gay people move to outlaw George Bush, eh?), No 2 and No 4 (which is kind of depressing) in that order, please. No, you’re right, I can’t just pick one. I’m feeling very angry now.

    (Oh, and I’m not too bothered about 1, to be honest)

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