4 Replies to “Digital photography”

  1. me and peet have canon powershot A70 and it’s great. totally unhelpful with regard to your question, but thought i’d mention.

  2. Look at the Fuji S5000 – it’s a 3Mp camera, but interlaces up to 6Mp. 10x optical zoom, 2x digital. And the prints work up to A2 size wtihout even needing to be enlarged.

  3. I’ve read that the Fuji’s interpolation leads to pictures that are pretty noisy at maximum resolution – not something I could tolerate.

  4. Well, I can happily email you a full size jpg from my fuji camera, if you’re interested in an acid test. I’ve had two photos from the camera printed on A2 photo paper, and couldn’t tell you anything about noise on them – bearing in mind that the detail of these included heavy rainfall (with each drop visible) and confetti in a concert venue (again, with pretty much each piece visible) – but as a pro-am user, I’ve no problems with what I’m using.

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