Processed meat product

33 spam comments in 20 hours. If this continues, I’ll be forced to disable the comments function across the entire site until MT comes up with comments registration.

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  1. 13 new spams since this was posted.

    Hanni – they use a different IP each time, so blocking doesn’t work.

    Pete – no takers yet?

  2. This has happened to me too.

    Only the numbers are more like 50.
    Different IP each time, with a goodly time gap between, so there’s no defence with a time delay between comments…which works on IP anyway….

    The thing I don’t get is that the homepage is different each time, too (none of them are real). The only thing that stays the same is the URL of the email address.
    So…the point is…?


  3. I tried to install Jay Allen’s plugin without success. I’m hoping that the new version of MT will be released soon.

  4. My guess is that Six Apart will launch TypeKey and MT3.0(non-beta) at around the same time – as I understand things, MT3 includes the comment registration facility of TypeKey.

  5. Graybo,

    I have a script which I use on an MT blog which closes comments on all entries that are more than X days old – where X = a value of your choice.

    I used to get tons of comment spam, I know get one or two a week at most and they’re easy to deal with.

    If you want the script drop me an email.

  6. Thanks for the offer, but I just commented on a post at Vaughan’s site that is six months old, and I’d rather not lose that facility.

    Although, if the spam gets REALLY annoying, I might change my mind.

  7. It’s not quite the long-awaited comments registration (will they EVER release MT 3??), but it’s stopped the script spam at our site wonderfully.

    What “it” is, is a little box with numbers in it. You have to read the numbers and type them into another box before you’re permitted to post. And the numbers are in .gif format, so there’s nothing can read them except a person. (And if you type the wrong numbers it gets progressively more irritated and starts making you wait increasing amounts of time before you can try again — some of these jerks have taken to having their scripts try cycling thru random number schemes.)

    If you’re interested, drop me a note and I’ll have the hubby tell you how to get it and set it up. (It’s free, best of all!)

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