Modem woes

For those who have been following the exciting saga of my faulty broadband connection at work, I now have received a replacement Intel AnyPoint modem and installed it – and I still have the same problem. I’m convinced that there is a driver conflict somewhere, but nothing is reported in control panel, nothing is reported on any online help resource, and I have given up on the BT Broadband helpdesk as a bad job, as it clearly falls outside of their experience and they can’t think outside of the little menu-driven questions and answers that appear on their PC screens in front of them.
So I’m just going to carry my dear old Alcatel SpeedTouch "Stringray" back and forth between home and work – it may not be cool, but it works.
<begging>Anyone got a spare Stingray that they would give to a good home?</begging>

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  1. Sorry, I haven’t got a Stingray, but you might consider moving away from these plug-in modems anyway – you could try buying a SOHO router from the likes of NetgearLinksysetc.. For about a ton you can have a true firewallrouter with DHCP and wireless LAN – much more convenient for a laptop than a wired system, and the concept opens up many other posibilities for more convenient and productive computing.

  2. "more convenient and productive computing" – i.e. blogging in bed.

    It’s on the shopping list for when we get in to our new home.

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