5000 ways to be verbose

1219 days.
5000 entries.
One hell of a lot of words.
Lots of inanity. Occasionally boring. Sometimes controversial. Very rarely amusing. Often personal.

It’ll be interesting to see if this site makes it to 10000 entries.
Actually, that’s probably a lie – I doubt that it will be interesting at all.

2 Replies to “5000 ways to be verbose”

  1. Gosh, the heady days of September 2000! I remember them like they were just 45 months ago! My blog was still a month off starting, and all this were fields, the children more innocent, and you could leave your website open without it getting burgled. (Goes misty-eyed in reverie).

  2. The kids today don’t believe that there were literally only about 12 people in the UK with blogs then – when we had blogmeets (as they were then known), we would *all* be there.

    And we could only update our sites by chiselling our posts into granite tablets and carrying them personally to the Blogger offices.

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