I’ve just spoken with a lady at the parish office of my local church in order to arrange the reading of the Banns (the Banns must be read not only in the church where the wedding is taking place, but also in the parish church of the spouse). She’s going to send me a form, and tells me that there will be a fee of £27 – that’s £9 for each reading! Considering that all they do is read out the names of the bride and groom and state the parishes in which they live, I reckon that is pretty steep!

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  1. Do go to church and make sure they get read out, too — our vicar forgot one week! (What happens if they don’t read them three times, I wonder?)

  2. Well, if you must get married in a church, then you’ll have to put up with their outrageous unregulated charges.

  3. I’ve just been charged £6 for swearing an affadavit that took 15 seconds if that and it’s only once!

    I can hear the banns now – Marriage between Graybo of the parish of Grayblog and Hels of no fixed domain.

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