Annoying law

Use a pseudonym on the net? Leave comments on blogs or newsgroups? Well, you could be in trouble with the law.

Under new legislation recently signed by Dubya, it is now an offence to “cause annoyance” on the internet without disclosing your true identity. So if you flame someone on a site, perhaps in their comments, and do so using a pseudonym, then you could be liable for fines or up to two years in the clink. Sledgehammer and walnut, anyone?

5 Replies to “Annoying law”

  1. this site f-cking s-cks you w-nk-r! and with my super secret identity you shall never know who i am or be able to stop me! mwuhahahahahahaha!

  2. ** snicker **

    I’m wondering if this will fall under the Department of Homeland Security, so that anyone caught anonymously annoying anyone online could be classified as a “blog t-rr-rist,” sent to a secret, undisclosed location for torture, and then never, ever prosecuted so they would not have the opportunity to challenge the law.

    Sounds like Dick Cheney, up to his usual tricks.

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