Dark day

Most long-term readers of this site will be aware that I’ve never really been a fan of television and, for many years, I didn’t have one. Since meeting Hels, TV has been around a little more and I must confess to avidly devouring episodes of The Simpsons as well as food programmes and the occasional documentary. However, yesterday we had a dark day – Dad gave us an unwanted digital receiver box thingy. We now have all the free channels – Three, Five (digital only here), More 4, Even More 4, More 4 Than That, As Much 4 As You Can Take and 4 The Love Of God No More 4 Thank You. I think we’re on a slippery slope unless I can programme it so that only BBC Parliament comes on (the world’s most boring TV channel).

4 Replies to “Dark day”

  1. You don’t know what yer missing mate!

    I could (have) spend hours surfing through 47 poker channels before pausing at the wonder that is “The God Channel”… before nipping slyly past the “The Fashion Channel” (I always miss the bikini shows though).

    Do you get Paramount? Worth it for Frasier alone.

  2. No Paramount, nor any poker channels. No God Channel, thank God. We do seem to have a couple of (probably Dutch) pr0n channels as well as an assortment of shopping channels and gameshow channels. I’m still amazed that we now have seven channels with 4 in the name.

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