3 Replies to “33 things to do before you are 10 years old”

  1. I think I got 25.

    Never made perfume – why on earth would I?
    I didn’t actually feed farm animals but I did help to milk them – I’m guessing that counts.
    I modelled with dough rather than make a modelling dough mixture. (My Millennium Falcon shaped loaf was the ‘toast’ of the harvest festival!)
    I never made snow angels – too busy building snowmen and dens in snowdrifts!

  2. Ah, that’s wicked. Think I did most of those.
    Have you pinned it to the fridge in order to tick it off with Tom?
    I tried making perfume with lemon-scented geranium leaves, but it wasn’t a big success!

  3. I think Hels and I did most of these things as we were growing up, I do remember getting dirty a lot and collecting anything that moved and putting it into a jar!

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