WordPress problems – or 34SP problems?

I’ve got some strange issues with this site, but I can’t fathom if they are WP or 34SP problems, or even a problem with the database.

Whenever I try to edit the recent posts, I get a 404 after hitting “save”. Sometimes I get a 404 when trying to view the site or the wp-admin pages (which sounds like a 34SP problem, although they promise me that there is no known issue with the server – I’m on Holly, for those who are also on 34SP). The RSS feed works only intermittently. And del.icio.us (I hate those dots!) is having problems with the automatic daily posting of links, sometimes getting a 500 error and sometimes not posting to the correct category (27). I’ve disabled and uninstalled Bad Behavior. I’m running WP 2.02. I’m confused.

Any ideas?

UPDATE: see the comment thread for more.

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  1. Check the folder and file permissions on your WP admin folder. I had “weird” hassles until I sorted mine out…

    Can’t recall, at the moment, what mine are set to but I’ll post about it… tomorrow probably..

  2. OK, I’ve checked my permissions. Interestingly, the WP forums and codex appear to offer mixed messages on this subject. The codex itself recommends at the top of this page that files in the root directory should be writable only by the owner (i.e. 644) and yet, further down, it suggests setting index.php as 666. The forums suggest 664 for most files and 755 for directories.

    This is what I have:
    .htaccess – 666
    index.php, .rdf and .xml – all 666
    all other wp-xxxx.php files in the root directory – 644
    wp directories – all 755
    except wp-content – 777
    files within the directories – 644
    except files within wp-content – various (I can give more details if need)

    So I don’t think that I’ve got anything wrong on the permissions side of things, unless I’ve missed something.

  3. Well, it goes to show how often I look under the bonnet of this site – the index.rdf and .xml files are a legacy of my MT days, so have been removed.
    The changes that Gordon suggested have been implemented and I seem to be getting far fewer 404 errors, which is good, and editing works ok. However, the RSS feed is still borked. WP automatically includes links in the header of the template using bloginfo to call the address of the feeds – however, there are no feeds being created at those addresses (grayblog.co.uk/feed/) and all the feeds are in the root directory. But even though I have FeedReader pointed at the "live" feed, it still returns feed unavailable errors most of the time. Could this be a problem with permissions too?

  4. I’d maybe roll the file permissions through the wp-admin files too…

    I only made the changes I listed to get the editing through the admin interface to actually bloody work!

    Ohh and I think 34sp have been have a few hassles recently, my db connection died yesterday… time for a move, methinks!

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