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  1. I’ve just aid 115.9p, the cheapest round here. Over £80 for a tank! This is getting bloody ridiculous. How long before a tank goes through the £100 mark? Not that long I suggest!

  2. What sort of tank for eighty quid? A Sherman? Bargain! In fact, I’d happily pay as much as a hundred for a Sherman tank. As for fuel prices, the cheapest I saw today was 112.9 – but we can’t blame the government entirely, as prices are similar across much of northern Europe. OPEC have increased production, I note, so they are raking it in and George Soros seems to think that only oil exporting nations are likely to weather the current storm unscathed, so I suggest we all emigrate to Saudi. Or Kazakhstan.

  3. A seventy litre tank, think Ford Granada or BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, any other big family saloon. If OPEC have increased production then surely prices should fall as supply increases. Of course they may have increased it to less than demand still. I’d happily pay for my fuel if you offer to pay the governmemts tax percentage! I’m off to France in a few weeks. Last December fuel was about the same as here, it’ll be interesting to see if it still is. Of course, the pill would be easier to swallow if our roads were as good as the French ones.

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