The Disaster Zone

The title of this post reflects the name that my uncle has for our household. Thanks Ted.

So far this year:

  • conservatory woe, involving new conservatory purchased to replace old leaking one, but not being manufactured to the right size, resulting in a large “air gap” that it took the suppliers three weeks to resolve (sorry Dave, should have come to you)
  • heavy cold woe
  • financial woe, now resolved
  • more family health woe
  • falling down stone steps woe
  • chickenpox woe
  • and now, leaking waste water pipe under the sink in the bathroom woe.

For goodness sake, can we just have a simple life where everything bloody well works?

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  1. I should think so too. And it won’t be long before I come and shoot all the sealed units with an air pistol just to wreak my terible revenge!!!!!!

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