bookmarks for September 29th

  • BBC – Newsbeat – ‘My details appeared on ‘porn’ list’
    Interesting. The girl in this article doesn't seem to be wearing any clothes. But seriously, recipients of these letters from ACS:Law are in an invidious position as it is impossible to prove a negative – which is why most will simply pay the £495 just to make them go away.
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  • BBC News – Relate survey suggests mid-life crisis ‘begins in 30s’
    I'm not sure that any of this is surprising. With pressures from work, high expectations of children, increasing responsibilities to aging parents, it should not be surprising that people aged 35-45 are feeling under pressure. I'm not sure that those pressures are any different from those experienced by previous generations, although, in today's high-speed world, perhaps they are felt more keenly. In my view, just about every age in life has its pressures – for example, when you are four-and-a-half, the pressure is to finish your toast before you get dragged out the door to school.
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