bookmarks for October 5th

  • BBC News – Rare bumblebees make comeback in Kent and Sussex
    Hurrah! This spring was a good one for bees too, with plenty of good flying days.
    bees nature conservation Sussex
  • BBC News – Hastings Pier engulfed and destroyed by fire
    This is terrible. Hastings has been struggling to pull itself up over recent years – the improvements in the George Street area, the restoration of the West Hill Lift and now the redevelopment of the Stade. But all of these were at the eastern (old) end of town. The western end of the front, the area around the pier, is still shabby. The town had bought the pier and this week calls were put out for designs for restoring the pier to make it the centrepiece of regeneration of the western end of the front. I wonder if it will now be a sad burnt out shell, like Brighton's West Pier, with no chance of restoration, left to slowly rot into the sea.
    Hastings Sussex pier fire news

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