have been co-ordinating tonight’s post-college

have been co-ordinating tonight’s post-college piss-up. looks like we should get at least some people to turn up, although Sue (most likely of the newbies to get pissed) and Sally (popular newbie) are not coming. but I think about 7 or 8 of us should go. but then I did say that last time. somehow, I have to drag myself to the dentist by 8am tomorrow as well. god knows how.

you will notice that I have used names for people here. I’m considering dropping the idea of abbreviating people’s names, and actually using, like, um, their names. not sure if it is a good idea (being slightly paranoid that the net has more than its fair share of stalkers and cranks [not **you** of course!!]), but it will make it easier to read if I do. oh I don’t know……..I guess I’ll maintain the status quo for now. (no Rick Parfitt jokes please).

can’t focus on work today – really tired, and not enough caffeine.