well, I think that last

well, I think that last night’s beer session could be classed as a success. Nine people turned up – me, Hev, Charlotte, Georgie, Phil, Chris, Leigh, Libby and Patrick – not a bad show. Some of them mooched off fairly early, but the die-hards stuck it out to the end (me, Hev and Patrick). AW, DA, KM, and SH turned up too, towards the end of the evening, having spent part of the evening listening to PF and the band in the Punch House. James showed up too. Unbelievable that the Punch House, which has been completely rebuilt inside since it was gutted by fire (and is now called the Royal Arms, which no-one likes), is so unbelievably awful – you’d think they would have taken the opportunity to make it a great pub, but no, it’s still as crap as it always was.
Tried out new choccy treat from you know where last night too, although we were both a bit too drunk to fully appreciate it – have plans for tonight though (-;
Right – much to do….