ohmiiiiiigod! will it *ever* stop

ohmiiiiiigod! will it *ever* stop raining?? the ground is so wet that working on it is impossible. the fields and roads are flooded – I had to wade to work this morning! if we don’t get some dry weather soon, I’m going to start building an ark.

college last night was more dull than dullness itself – we’re just going over what we did last year but in less detail – dull-o. tonight I have a tutorial, for which I have prepared nothing at all.
so to cheer myself up, I went to the pub last night with KF – all verrrry interesting. we had a long chaaaaaaat about “stuff” – haven’t done that for ages, and it’s actually quite gratifying to know that we still can.

of course, this morning I’m completely shattered – and *still* coughing! why? will it ever end?

right, ought to do some work, and maybe spend some time at www.connex.co.uk in preparation for the tutorial. guh.