news review: (Ananova is my

news review: (Ananova is my favourite web news provider)
middle east:
about as much chance of lasting peace there, as there is in northern ireland. i think that there is a group of people in each place who are so entrenched in their viewpoints that they can not possibly consider a compromise, as, to them, compromise = selling out.
the trouble with the middle east is that any disturbances there have wider implications for the rest of the world. already saddam hussein is moving his troops, and there have been two terrorist acts in yemen. the price of crude oil has shot up overnight, and the dow and ftse are falling fast.
so whist it may not seem to be that important to our daily lives in cosy southern england, it will in the long term have a direct impact on us – some analysts are even muttering that it might trigger global recession.
the first “great war” of the new millennium? let’s hope not.

flooding in sussex:
well, I can’t remember it being as wet as this at any time since january 1988, when it rained for a month without ceasing. the fields here are waterlogged, and many roads are flooded. at least we haven’t had it as bad here this time – uckfield and that area seem to have taken the brunt. in 1993, it was barnham and chichester that got it – 63 homes flooded out in barnham, and a goodly number of homes and businesses in the eastern end of chichester, both places hit by that lovely mixture of storm water and raw sewage. not nice.
we desperately need dry weather – this has the makings of one of the wettest years since records began.

my college tutorial didn’t go too badly last night. thankfully, i had time yesterday to grab some relevant stuff off the web, and so was able to blag my way through with some sensible sounding answers. of course, it might be useful if i did a bit more work in time for the exams in the first week of december.

yesterday’s other discovery was webcams – i mean, i knew about them already, but i hadn’t been to any of the big sites before. yesterday i took a butchers at jennicam – i didn’t realise quite how sordid these things were! i mean, there are pictures of her shagging and everything. now, i’m not a total prude, but i’m not sure i’d be too happy if AW installed a camera over the bed so that all and sundry could have a peep at us getting it away (i’m less sure that anyone would want to look!).

but then, now that you’ve seen a picture of us, you might not agree!