Weekend update: Friday – yet

Weekend update:

Friday – yet another beer session in W2. the world *and* it’s wife were present, which is nice.
Saturday – work. dull. did lecture to Hardy Plant Society and was thus lauded as the new Messiah by yet another bunch of old dears. Doing it again tonight in Old Dear Central (a.k.a. West Wittering).
Sunday – went shopping in Southampton at the new West Quay Shopping Centre thingy which was pretty interesting. Went with AW and SJP, so inevitably there was much clothes looking-at. I went and hid in Tower Records for a while and succumbed to the new Leila album and also the Andrea Parker DJ-Kicks thing. I would add some links, but hey, I’m feeling lazy and I have a sore throat, and if you like music and you like the web, you know where to look. Haven’t had enough time to make a decision about the Leila album, although initial reactions are *mostly* favourable. The Andrea Parker jobby is, of course, fine in extremis. Surprised myself by limiting purchase to just two CDs, although shocked at extortionate Tower prices. Will stick to cd-zone in future. or the labels.

right – slides to prepare to amaze more old bids.