well, what a great fireworks

well, what a great fireworks extravaganza the last 48 hours has been! the display at the Central School on Friday was excellent, as it was last year. and, amazingly, almost entirely funded by mcdonalds (yes, **that** mcdonalds!) – so kudos to them. looked to me as though it was going to be a major-league fundraiser for the school – must have been about 2500 people there, and tickets were £4.50 per head for adults (admittedly lots were kiddies who pay much less – £2?).
and who really enjoys these things? – well, as last night’s fireworks bash at PC’s shows, it’s mainly the grown-ups…the kiddies got bored standing in the cold while the “daddies” play fireman/pyromaniac and the non-daddies stand around drinking beer and hugging their girlies to keep warm. but a top bash it was nonetheless, with fine soup to be consumed afterwards. of course, the highlight was the rockets that failed to take off and exploded on the ground, which always makes for a more entertaining and adrenalin-filled experience!