there seems to be a

there seems to be a lot of discussion in weblogging circles as to what makes a good weblog, both in terms of content and design. now, I feel slightly disadvantaged in that I’m not a web designer or otherwise cool dude, merely some bloke with a blog. but in spite of that, i do have an opinion…basically, any blog or website is only as good as what the blog/site owner puts into it. there are countless good websites that have sprung up down the years (I’ve been using the web since 1995, so I know – back then we thought 28.8 was fast!), but they have died because people either didn’t update them, or if they did, they didn’t maintain the quality of what they put on them.

now, i make no claims for the quality or otherwise of Grayblog. but I enjoy doing it, and one or two people have made fairly positive comments about it, which is encouraging – and because I have been encouraged, I’m inclined to continue. which brings me to my second point – if you like a website or blog, then why not say so? send the site owner a mail – it only takes a minute. and if you don’t like it, then a little (constructive) criticism is no bad thing – but an unnecessary flaming *is* out of order.

anyway, that’s my opinion. and if you think it is valid or otherwise, then mail me. or not. it’s up to you.